PAYAL UPVC Ball Valve is putting the varied irrigation woes to rest by designing and manufacturing products that are in demand. UPVC Ball Valve Short Handle is one of those rare products that is small in size but has a huge part to flow inefficient irrigation. Strong built, these ball valves may appear to be small but they can handle heavy flow of liquid and granules with great ease.

Small But Effective : Catering to the needs of small farms; these small valves provide with the immaculate control over the flow assisting sustainable farming.

Ultraviolet Radiation Safe: Farmers need to worry about these valves getting affected by the ultraviolet radiations. These are designed to stand the effects of UV rays on a sunny day.

Corrosion Resistance and Sturdy : Since it is not steel, it is completely corrosion resistance and since it is also made up of UPVC Ball Valve,  it is sturdy unlike plastic it can handle a lot of pressure and not break.

Easy installation and Replacement : These short handle valves can be easily installed and replaced it needed. Farmers can remove these valves for cleaning it and place it back with great ease too.


Material Of Construction Polypropylene (PP)
Design Solid Type
Max working temp 70 c (consistently)
Connection End Plain / Threaded
Construction Single body Moulded
Test pressure 08 kg. /cm2
Size Range 20MM to 160MM / 20MM to 110MM
Standard As per manufacturer


4Stem”o”RingNeoprene Rubber1
5Ball CoverP.C. (Polycarbonates)2
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