Rain Pipe Fittings

32 mm and 40 mm Rain Pipe Fittings for Drip Irrigation

We are manufacturer of Rain Pipes fittings. Which are widely used for Agricultural for across all over India. We are providing to our all Agriculture and irrigation products for solutions to suit your farming needs. One unit of Rain-pipe has a length of 100 meters. Drip holes of Rain pipe are made with laser punching technology to ensure uniform flow of water.

The material of construction is the best quality of PP ( Polypropylene ). Also, the size is available in 32 mm and 40 mm. our all the rain pipe fittings connect to the Drip Rain Pipe and our all the product are easy to assemble and also easy to relocate with pipe.

The Rain Pipe Fittings Product are available in Rain Pipe Joiner, Rain Pipe End Cap, Rain Pipe Grommet , Rain Pipe Lateral cock , Rain Pipe MTA, etc.

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