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As you know we are manufacturer an Agriculture ball valve and irrigation ball valve which is made by the material of PP (Polypropylene). Also, we are manufacturing and exporter of Agriculture ball valve, irrigation ball valve, Agriculture ball valve with MS handle. We are making a solid ball valve in 3 different colour black, light grey and white.

PP ball valves, due to their high quality polypropylene material, have an excellent performance and cover most of the water flow, often with many years of operation At the same time, this material is considered as more environmentally friendly than other materials used for such purposes. If you choose a PP ball valve, an excellent water flow with minimal pressure drop is ensured and, of course, high durability.

All of Payal’s PP and PVC ball valves, made of durable material against degradation, are able to withstand most weather conditions and can be exposed to sunlight, due to ultraviolet radiation. Similar to PVC ball valves, they also have various different industrial, agricultural, and domestic applications.

Finally, due to the strong, versatile, durable, and robust construction, they are suitable for both interior and exterior usage, promising many years of reliable and consistent operation with no maintenance.



Material Of ConstructionPolypropylene (PP)
DesignSingle Piece Body.
Size Range20 MM to 200 MM ( ½” to 8” )
Connection EndPvc Solid type screw end & Plain Ball Valve
Test pressure10 kg. /cm2
Max working temp70 c (consistently)
StandardAs per manufacture
ColoursBlack , Gray , White
Socket dimensionThreaded /AS per ISO -7-1/IS-554/BS-21, PVC Pipe


  •  Ageing resistant and long service life.
  •  Saving cost and accelerating the project for the easy installation.
  • Easy operation.
  • Full Bore ball valve.


  • Water project in construction.
  • Water treatment for swimming pool.
  • Water project in PISCI Culture.
  • Irrigation for agriculture.

How To Use

  • First step, clear both end of the valve.
  • For socket type, there need to use the corresponding glue on the socket wall again with the pipe and stick them together.
  • For screw type, there need to use Teflon tape winding outer thread screw parts, then smooth twist in the threaded.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that the quality of our products will be checked before shipment.

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