Plastic Taps

Plastic Taps Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

The bibcock comes with a shiny wall flange that can be easily wall mounted. The angular spout of the tap is designed to optimize the flow of water and results in less spills and splashes. Plastic Taps is made of premium materials that it is endurable with long service life that it can be used over and over again.

Also it is designed with the delicate workmanship that it has smooth surface with no burrs, which is capable of providing the comfortable using experience. It has modern and simple style that it is able to decorate the room, making it beautiful. And it is easy to use which can operate steadily and successfully.

How To Fixed Plastic Taps:

  • The plastic threads should be fastened on wall such that tap is fitted in correct position in a single go.
  • Repeated fitting might erode the plastic threads of tap due to friction from metallic threads of wall outlet.
  • Teflon Tape or Sealant should also be used on threaded joints for leak free working.

Operating Instructions:

  • It is a quarter-turn faucet and will open/close in a single turn unlike the traditional taps which open/close in multiple turns.
  • The pressure flow of water from this tap will directly depend on the pressure of water at the wall outlet.
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