Union (Slip Union)

Pvc Slip Union, Pvc Union Coupling manufacturer

We are manufacturers of the best quality PVC unions. The valve is available in pp or PVC union or slip union with threaded or solvent type. Unions are like couplings & connect things, but they are quite different from couplings as they allow future disconnection of the pipes for maintenance. Plastic piping and threaded fittings are extremely reliable at providing leak free service. In contrast to a coupling requiring solvent welding, soldering, or rotation (for threaded couplings), a union. They feature a ring in the center that separates the two ends from each other, allowing for easy connection and disconnection multiple times if needed, as well as maintenance.


  • Temperature: – Normal Temperature
  • Colour: – Grey.
  • Size: -2”, 2.1/2”, 3”
  • Joint End: – Socket or Thread End
  • Usage: – Water supply, water draining, farming, irrigation.
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