Drip Irrigation Valve & Fittings

Drip Irrigation Valve & Fitting Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Drip irrigation is sometimes called trickle irrigation and involves dripping water onto the soil at very low rates from a system of small diameter plastic pipes fitting. Drip irrigation is considered to be a sort of micro-irrigation method that is introduced to prevent water wastage and save nutrients. This system works by letting water to drip gradually and directly to the roots of the plants.

Where Drip Irrigation Valve  are used for connect the various places of irrigation fittings like irrigation valve, flush valve, air valve for release air in pipes, flanged valve for connect different flanges in pipe line, top entry valve, and venturi for injecting a fertilizer in pipe lines.

There are the various types of drip irrigation systems, like

Irrigation Ball Valve

Drip Irrigation Valve

Drip Irrigation Valve are used in Irrigation Ball Valve, Air Valve, Flanged Ball Valve, Top Entry Ball Valve, Flush Valve, Male Female Valve (Alfa Valve), Single Union Male Female Valve, Venturi, Single Union Female Compression Valve

Drip Coupler

Drip Fittings

Drip Fittings are used in Drip Coupler, Drip Elbow, Drip Tee, Outside Threaded Tee, Plastic Hex Nipple, PP End Cap, Plastic Plug Bush, Plastic Reducing Hex Nipple, Plastic Reducing Bush

Drip Accessories - JAIN TYPE GROMMET

Drip Accessories

Drip Accessories are used in drip pipe which in normally size in 12mm , 16mm , 20 mm. The products of Drip Accessories is Dripper / Emitters Grommets, tee , elbow , y tee , end cap , joiner , lateral cock, tack Off , reducing joiner , Pepsi fittings , Punch Pin , Drill bit and many more.

Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings, Mini Sprinkler

Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings

Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings are for use in farming and vegetables by using the products of various types of sprinkler, tube assembly, Foggers , connectors , Sprinkler Pipe set and Various assembly.

Push Fit Fittings MTA

Push Fit Compression Fittings

Push Fit Compression Fittings Products which are fitted like push and lock the cap. It is easy to fit. The various types of push fit fittings are MTA , Elbow , End Cap , Joiner , 2 Side Tee , 3 Side Tee, etc.

Rain Pipe Fitting

Rain Pipe Fitting

Rain Pipe Fitting Products are use in Rain Pipe. Generally the rain pipe size are 40mm. so that the all fitting are use in fitting is 40mm. the products are available in rain pipe fittings is Joiner , end cap , MTA, Grommet , lateral cock, etc.

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