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How a 3-Way Ball Valve Works ?

A 3-way ball valve works by turning the handle, which rotates a ball in the valve body, to align the cut-out channels in the ball with the inlets and outlets of the valve. The “T” shape cut-out of the ball on a T-port valve can also send from one port to another, but can also be rotated so that the T aligns with the “T” shape of the valve and all three ports are mixed.

The Three Way Ball Valve can assist mixing, distribution, and diverting of media flow. The two basic port designs can be positioned by turning the valve a quarter turn.

How to Tell Direction of Flow in a 3-Way Ball Valve ?

On a Three way ball valve there will be a tee-shaped arrow indicator on the handle which mimics the cut out section of the ball inside the valve. By referring to this mark, it can be ascertained which direction(s) the flow will travel through the valve.


Material Of Ball valve Polypropylene (PP)
Design single piece body
Brand Payal
Size Range 20 mm to 90 mm ( 1/2” to 3” )
Connection End Pvc Solid type screw end & Plain Ball Valve
Max working temp 70 c (consistently)
Colours Black
Seat Ring Material EPDM material
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