Pipe Connector

Pvc Pipe Joint Connector, Pvc Pipe Connector

We are manufacturers of the best quality pipe repair connectors. The pipe repair connector is available as Pipe repair coupler or threaded D’ joint.

As we know, when we want to repair or join two pieces of pipe of the same diameter of PVC or HDPE, we must fit a D’ joint with a fastener, but it is tough to fit all the fasteners in equal size because if the fastener is not properly tight, leakage will start.

So that we can develop a pipe repair connector as well as a known pipe connector. Also, we have a huge and awkward range for this pipe connector. Generally, the length of the pipe connector is 6 to 7 inches. Also, we have an extra long pipe connector for pipes, the extra long pipe repair connector length is 12 inches. If you have any problems fitting that, we also developed a plastic and MS handle for easy installation.

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