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Mini Sprinkler

Our Mini Sprinkler’s is designed to irrigate and provide a complete solution to irrigate a wide range of crops. Mini Sprinklers are used for irrigation purposes of seasonal crops likes Vegetable, Onions, Groundnuts, etc. it has uniform water application maintain maximum soil moisture ratio.

Advantages Of Mini Sprinkler

  • Uniform water application maintains optimum soil moisture ratio
  • Easy to install & dismantle with visibility of operation
  • High water distribution uniformity and coverage
  • Low operating pressure, thus energy saving
  • Durable and weather resistance
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings, Mini Sprinkler

Impact Sprinkler

The impact sprinkler is a subset of rotary sprinklers; basically, it just sprays water around in a circle. Using two arms, the main arm impacts the water stream and rotates the sprinkler around, whereas the smaller arm distributes this water closer to the base of the sprinkler.

Advantages Of Impact Sprinkler

  • uniformity of coverage
  • sand and grit resistance
  • operation at lower water pressures
  • Easy to install
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings, Impact sprinkler

Micro Sprinkler

There are a wide variety of system components included in a micro-irrigation system. These may include pre-filters, sand separators, media filters, screen filters, and disc filters. Micro irrigation is a low-pressure, low-flow-rate type of irrigation that can reduce the likelihood of overwatering a landscape. This form of irrigation delivers water directly to where it is needed most-the root zone of plants.

Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings, Micro Sprinkler

Butterfly Micro Sprinkler

  • Useful for grinders, onions, potatoes and flowers.     
  • High Volume Low Pressure is also useful for vegetables.     
  • More robust because it is made of engineering plastic     
  •  ½” Available in outer thread.     
  • The crop is not damaged due to drops of water
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings, BUTTER FLY MICRO SPRINKLER

Jet Sprinkler

Micro Jets and sprays are designed to deliver a fine spray of water over an area and making them ideal for covering small areas of plants quickly and easily. Innovative Fan Type Spray Fan type spray jet giving fine droplets and uniform distribution.

Applications :  Useful for irrigation of orchards, nurseries, vineyards, green houses. Suitable for irrigation of delicate plants such as flowers, vanilla, etc. Suitable for irrigation of mature large trunk-trees or trees having wide spread root zone.

Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings - Jet sprinkler


Our company is one of the distinguished manufacturers and suppliers of foggers. A fogger is used to create a fog, especially for killing insects. They are filled with insecticides and sprayed. A large number of people depend on foggers to drive away pests, owing to its lost cost and high effectiveness. They find application in a large number of fields, including aeroponics.

Features : –

  • Application for Green House
  • affordably priced
  • Reduces Green House Temperature & Increases Green House Humidity
  • 4 Way Fogger operates on low pressure
  • less maintenance and reduces overall operating costs.
  • Simple Installation
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings - Fogger

Sprinkler Pipe Set

This Sprinkler pipe Set offers the greatest hydraulic advantage. Its larger inside diameter dramatically improves flow characteristics. This Sprinkler pipe set is specially designed for use in wet, dry, pre-action and deluge systems. Unlike other ordinary pipe, these have exceptional mechanical properties and lesser wall thickness, owing to its manufacturing through cold-forming process.

Features : –

  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Strong design
  • Larger inside diameter with lesser wall thickness
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Excellent fabrication characteristics for end prep finishes
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings Male Connector

Male Connector

This is Mini Sprinkler Irrigation accessory used for connection mechanism.
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings Female Connector

Female Connector

This is Mini Sprinkler Irrigation accessory used for connection mechanism
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings PUNCH & PUSHER

Punch and Pusher

This mini sprinkler irrigation accessory is used to make punch holes on 16mm Drip Irrigation hose, it allows easy and comfortable handling.
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings - SERVICE SPANNER

Service Spanner

It is used in sprinkler irrigation fitting. It is designed for easy fitting and maintenance.
Sprinkler Irrigation Fittings Close Button

End Plug Connector / Close Button

This is Mini Sprinkler Irrigation accessory used for connection mechanism
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