PP / HDPE Compression Fittings

Hdpe Compression Fittings / Pp Compression Fittings Manufacturers

We are manufacturer and exporter of best quality of PP Compression Fittings using latest innovative technology. Also, the people are known that HDPE Compression Fitting. PP/HDPE Compression fittings are mechanical fittings that can be used to connect PE pipes without using a butt fusion and electrofusion. Joints made with compression fittings are easily disassembled.

Types of Compression Fittings

There are various types of PP compression fittings which is use in different places and use in HDPE and MDPE pipe fitting for water purpose. Payal irrigation pvt ltd. Provide you with a various PP Compression fitting which can be a best use for your choice and needs.

We are manufacturing a PP Compression Fitting elbow, tee, coupler, endcap, male thread Adaptor (MTA), Female thread Adaptor (FTA), Male Thread Elbow (MTE), Female Thread Elbow (FTE).Also, we are manufacturing our all PP Compression fitting in Plastic Thread, Brass Thread and Stainless Steel 304 (SS 304 Thread).

Benefits of PP Compression Fittings

  • Advantage of simple structure
  • Easy and quick connection in comparison to other
  • Original/Fresh Raw material for longer life
  • Compact size
  • Lower installation costs / labour cost
  • Usage for water PE Pipe in agriculture, water projects, house hold connection
  • Available size in 20mm to 110mm.

Why Should you choose Payal Compression Fittings?

PAYAL compression fittings are for use with high-density polyethylene pipes dedicated to fluid reticulation. PP compression fitting is a device widely used in agriculture, irrigation, water based projects and house hold connection. It is made of standard and WRAS Approved polypropylene materials, which can be handle high pressure 10 to 16kg.

Our topmost priority is customer satisfaction. We believe that which is the best for our customers like our Compression Fitting parts and assembling is different and more easier, faster and reliable joint for long time. As per Customers Requirement We have Plastic thread, Brass thread and SS 304 thread.


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