Agriculture ball Valves are for starting or stopping flow, regulating or throttling flow, preventing back flow or relieving and regulating pressure in Cold water treatment applications. Our Agriculture Ball Valve is made available in polypropylene and co-polymer. Our entire range of products is rigorously tested at every level of production in order to ensure supply of immaculate range of products.

Agriculture ball Valves are five general body styles of ball valves: single body, three-piece body, split body, top entry, and welded. The difference is based on how the pieces of the valve And Its especially the casing that contains the ball itself and manufacturing and assembling all the parts, finishing them after that ball valve ready. The valve operation is the same in each case.


Why People choose PAYAL Agriculture Ball Valve ?

Payal Irrigation makes all the types of Agriculture Ball valve with the latest technologies and best raw material then we are measuring valves and testing then you get our granted and quality valves to our customers.

We providing our solid ball valve with full bore so that you get the benefit of full flow of water. A full port or more commonly known full bore ball valve has an over sized ball so that the hole in the ball is the same size as the pipeline resulting in lower friction loss.

Also, we provide union valve which is for any time you want changes of part and any situation you can easily fit, when our three way provide you can divide the flow of 3 side. Generally, the non return valve are use normally allow Water to flow through it in only one direction, when our heavy duty valve provide you a bigger size pipe line.

Benefit of Agriculture Ball Valve : –

  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy and fast to fix it with PVC pipe
  • Any time you can change water flow
  • Leakage proof
  • Available in compact type / union type / three-piece body / top entry body / direct weldin

We are Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Agriculture Ball valve

Agriculture Ball Valves
Union ball valve
Union Ball Valve
pvc three way ball valve
Three Way Ball valve
Non Return Valve
Non Return Ball Valve
pvc heavy ball valve
Heavy PVC Ball Valve
UPVC valve Manufacturer
UPVC Ball Valve

Agriculture Ball Valve Specification​

PressureLow Pressure
Connector TypeScrewed
Minimum Order Quantity200 Pieces
Agriculture ball valve exporter in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, pune

Plastic PVC Agriculture Ball Valves

Plastic PVC Agriculture Ball Valves in Ahmedabad
PressureLow Pressure
Connector TypeFlanged End
Automation GradeAutomatic
Minimum Order Quantity200 Pieces

Plastic Agricultural Ball Valve

PressureHigh Pressure
Connector TypePLAIN & THREADED
Valve Size25MM
Minimum Order Quantity300 Piece
pvc agriculture ball valves in Ahmedabad

Plastic PVC Agriculture Ball Valves

plastic agriculture ball valve in Ahmedabad
PressureLow Pressure
Connector TypeFlanged End
Automation GradeAutomatic
Minimum Order Quantity200 Pieces

Here are a few of the special selling points of this agricultural ball valve:

Serving the entire world: Our high-quality valves are readily available all around the world, regardless of the nation you are in. Our analytics allow us to brag that we can easily cater to many different countries. These valves, whether made of PVC or PP Solid, are also created and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the nation in which they are marketed. Farmers and agricultural businesses from all around the world simply enjoy our top-notch goods.

A variety of valves from which to choose: PVC pipes rather than ball valves are more in demand for your agricultural purposes. No need to stress; at Payal Irrigation, we offer you a variety of solutions. For your convenience, we provide high-quality PVC ball valves and PP Solid ball valves.

ISO 9001 Approved: Our products not only seem powerful, but they also pass a variety of tests and standards, standing like a stalwart on several factors. We are supplying farmers and businesses with reputable and high-quality products thanks to our ISO 9001 certification. Due to the ISI label on all of our PVC and PP Solid ball valves, purchase our items without any anxiety.

Ultraviolet Resistance: Unlike any of our competitors, we manufacture pipes that withstand ultraviolet rays. Our corrosion resistant valves are built to withstand all the heat and operate incredibly well.

When it comes to creating and manufacturing agricultural products, Payal Irrigation has limitless potential. Agriculture ball valves are only the beginning; we also deal in a broad range of goods that make irrigation easier and foster unrivaled growth. If you want a hassle-free farming experience, check out our other items.

Due to the fact that all of our goods are made with farmers’ needs in mind, we also provide customization. Enterprises can arrange a specific design to be translated into reliability through our modification services. We promise to provide PVC and PP Solid Ball Valves that are durable, corrosion-resistant, and UV resistant at competitive prices.

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