HDPE butt fusion reducing tee can be connected to HDPE pipe by butt fusion, and the hot melt joint should be stronger than the pipe without leakage. HDPE butt fusion reducing tee is connected to a smaller diameter pipe at the branch. Due to the characteristics of its own high-density polyethylene material, the tee has the advantages of health, non-toxic, no scaling, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, simple installation, long service life.

Technical Specification

  • Products knows As : – HDPE Spigot Reducing Tee / Unequal Tee
  • Material : – HDPE PE 100
  • Available Size : – 63 x 32 mm to 315 x 250 mm
  • Colour : – Black
  • Connection Method : – Butt Weld
Spigot fitting Reducing tee
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