MDPE Compression Fitting Tee

MDPE Compression Fitting Tee Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Our company provides a best quality material MDPE Compression Fitting Tee for MDPE Pipe. Generally, the MDPE Compression fittings Tee are mechanical fittings that can be used to connect MDPE pipes. This MDPE compression fitting tee provides the ability to connect three separate lengths of pipe into one, whilst still providing secure joints of equal strength. MDPE compression fittings are widely used for water supply and irrigation. Payal Irrigation Pvt. Ltd.’s products are made in factories certified under ISO 9001: 2015. Our compression fittings are easily and fast installation with lower installation cost / labour cost.

Technical Specification

  • Material : – Polypropylene (PP)
  • Brand : – Payal
  • Size Range : – 20 mm TO 110 mm
  • Connection Type : – Tee
  • Connection : – House Hold Connection / water based connection
  • Working Pressure : – Up to 16kg
  • Colour : – Blue, Black
  • Country of Origin :- INDIA
MDPE Compression Fitting Tee
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