Male Female Valve (Alfa Valve )

Male Female Valve (Alfa Valve) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

We are Manufacturer of a best quality male and female thread valve. The valve are available as male female thread valve or alfa valve with inside and outside male thread. our pvc alfa valve offer resistance to a wide range of water, in addition to offering high impact and high tensile strength. easily assembled with perfect sealing under all conditions, our male female ball valve can be used for wide range of applications and operates at a working pressure of up to 10 kg, depend on water temperature.


  1. Applications for agriculture and irrigation pipe line.
  2. Valve provide you both side male thread and female thread with control the flow of water.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. If you fix our valve, you can save money on hex nipple / outside thread coupling.
Male female valve or Alfa Valve Manufacturer
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