HDPE Tee Manufacturer and Supplier in India

HDPE equal tee is a pipe fitting with three ports of the same size. Known as Socket Fusion Tee. HDPE tee is a new product made of high-quality polyethylene resin as the main material, adding necessary antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbents and other additives through extrusion processing. It is widely used in municipal water supply, drainage, petrochemical, mining, farmland irrigation, sewage, mortar transportation, waste landfill and other pipeline projects.

Technical Specification

  • Products knows As : – HDPE Socket Fusion Tee
  • Material : – High Density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Available Size : – 20 mm to 315 mm
  • Colour : –  Black
  • Connection Method : – Socket Fusion
HDPE tee
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