HDPE Blind Flange

HDPE Blind Flange Manufacturer and Supplier in India

HDPE Blind flanges are a round plate, which is used to cover or close the end of a HDPE pipeline. Blind flanges use backing rings and bolts to hold it to the end of the HDPE pipe. Also known as blind pipe flange, or solid flange, a blind flange has mounting holes around the perimeter, and prevents fluids from passing through the pipe. The purpose of these is to block off a section of pipe or a nozzle on a vessel that is not used.

Technical Specification

  • Products knows As : – HDPE Long Neck Pipe End
  • Material : – High Density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Available Size : – 20 mm to 315mm
  • Colour : – Black
HDPE Blind Flange
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