Electrofusion Elbow

Electrofusion Elbow manufacturer in India

HDPE Electrofusion Elbows are manufactured by polyethylene raw material and accordance with standards at certain diameters and angles by the placement of resistors according to the electrofusion welding method. HDPE electrofusion fittings are using in the turning of the pipelines by their angles as 90 degree electrofusion elbow. With the production at different angles provides convenience during laying. It is very easy to connect the HDPE Pipes installation via electrofusion fittings systems. Electrofusion is used for hdpe pipe and electrofusion fittings welding.

Technical Specification

  • Material : – High Density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Size Range : – 20 mm TO 200 mm
  • Connection Type: – Elbow
  • Connection Method : – Electrofusion Welding
  • Colour : – Black
  • Country of Origin : – INDIA
Electrofusion Elbow
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