Drip Coupler

The Drip Coupler stands as a testament to innovation in the realm of irrigation technology. Its design embodies precision engineering, where every detail, from the finely crafted threads to the intricately molded seals, harmonizes to create a seamless connection. This coupling isn’t just about functionality; it’s a symbol of efficiency and sustainability. With its smart flow control technology, the Drip Coupler ensures that water is distributed precisely, promoting healthy plant growth while conserving this precious resource. What sets it apart is not only its functionality but also its ease of use. Its sleek and ergonomic design facilitates effortless installation, empowering both seasoned gardeners and newcomers to set up efficient irrigation systems with confidence. Whether it’s for a sprawling agricultural landscape or a cozy backyard garden, the Drip Coupler offers customizable solutions to suit every need. It’s a durable investment, backed by a comprehensive warranty, promising years of reliable performance and lush, thriving greenery.

HDPE Electrofusion Coupler & Pipe Repair Coupler

We are offering PP couplers to our clients. A female coupler is one half of a two-piece device used to join pipes or male thread connections. Two-piece couplers consist of a male and female half and may be equipped with a screwed lock. PP Coupler, which is manufactured using the best-grade PP material and the latest technology.

Drip Coupler
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Size15mm, 20 mm, 25mm
ApplicationEspecially suit to be agricultural irrigation pipe fittings
Connection EndScrew End
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