Air Valve

PVC Air Release Valve / Drip Irrigation Air Release Valve

Air valve is applied to irrigation system or networks for water supply. It evacuates air during pipeline filling and enables large volume air intake in the event of network draining.

With its advanced aerodynamic design and kinetic orifice, this valve can provide excellent protection against vacuum formation, with improved sealing under low pressure conditions.

Aerodynamic full-body kinetic shield – Prevents premature closing without disturbing air intake or discharge.

Dynamic sealing – Prevents leakage during operation even under low pressure conditions.

All parts are fully corrosion, chemical and fertilizer resistant Lower maintenance and increased life span.


Air Valve Manufacturer

How it works

  1.  Pipeline Filling: During the filling process of a pipeline, high air flow is forced out through the forceful open the air valve. Once water enters the valve’s chamber, the float buoyed upwards causes the forceful opening to close. The unique aerodynamic structure of the valve body and float ensures that the float cannot be closed before water reaches the valve.
  2.  Pipeline Draining: When a pipeline is drained, a negative differential pressure is created causing atmospheric air to push the float down.
  3.  Pressurized Operation: During pressurized operation the kinetic orifice remains closed. When pressure and liquid level drop, the valve will automatically re-open.
  4. Size Raw : 20 mm x ½” to 63 mm 2”
Air Valve - PVC Air release valve

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